Museum Dr. Guislain, founded in 1986 in Ghent, is an initiative of the Brothers of Charity. The museum is housed in the impressive buildings designed by founder Dr. Joseph Guislain.

It displays in its unique exhibition the history of psychiatry, addressed both in its permanent collection as well as in the half-yearly changing thematic exhibitions. The museum's collection is internationally considered one of the most complete and representative in its domain.

Apart from the heritage collection and a unique collection of outsider and modern art, the museum also includes an array of exceptional photographs concerning psychiatry, two centuries of uninterrupted archives and an extensive library dealing with these matters.

The images, pictures, artwork and videos in this Virtual Tour are mainly part of the museum's collection. They might be considered explicit or confronting. Their purpose is merely educational with the intention to provide insight into the sometimes very confrontational way the mentally ill historically were treated.

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This virtual tour was created with the support of Janssen Research & Development, LLC, a historic patron of Museum Dr. Guislain.